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We offer professional content creation for all our clients with the aim of appealing to Malta’s youth & student demographic, both through the FreeHour App & our Social Media Platforms. Through our App, your brand will have the opportunity to access our user base of 23,500 students – which is 90% of Malta’s Student Demographic, across all 6th Forms & Universities on the island.

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Your campaign can be tailored to reach a select group of students, as we can target our advertising via age & area of study. Our content includes Recruitment Opportunities, General Branding Exercises, Employer Branding, Announcement of Sales / Products & so much more!

Virtual Freshers’ Month

Freshers’ Month is our largest campaign, lining up perfectly with back-to-school season. During this period, we create a completely new section on the FreeHour App that is dedicated solely to Freshers’ Month.

This includes Virtual Stands, Giveaways, Social Media Content, as well as our popular Tap-Challenge Game, which generated over 320,000 plays from students across the country just last year. Needless to say, our audience love this section as much as we do!

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